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Level 2 Stds (Name Change)

Attention: Teachers, Graphics Design and Visual Communication Community 

As you are aware, the latest round of consultation is taking place for the draft Level 2 Achievement Standards (due 26 September 2010).

In terms of the Technology matrix of Achievement Standards there is a significant change that has taken place to all the Design and Visual Communication standards (formerly Graphics) that you need to be made aware of. This is the change of Domain and Subfield names from the established ‘Design’ and ‘Design – Graphic Communication’ to ‘Technology’ and ‘Technology – General Education’.

This name change has been instigated by Ministry officials without any consultation with the contracted writers for Graphics. The rationale given was that because the DVC standards are part of the Technology matrix and should all have the same Domain and Subfield name.

This decision essentially renders these name classifications as meaningless, denying the recognition of the individual character of standards that sit alongside the established generic technology standards. It needs to be noted that there is no other learning area where all its standards have the same Domain and Subfield names. Furthermore, there are even recognised subject-based matrices that contain standards categorised by different Domain and Subfield names.

There is general agreement from the writers that the names remain with the original categories and should not be changed. The original names are considered more accurate descriptors of the Design and Visual Communication standards.

As part of the consultation it is important that you give your feedback about this re-naming. The Ministry needs to know what the community opinion is in this regard:

Should the Design and Visual Communication Standards’ Domain and Subfield be named:

‘Design’ and ‘Design – Graphic Communication’


‘Technology’ and ‘Technology – General Education’

Good luck with the rest of the consultation and it is important that you have your say.

Max Maddison

President NZGTTA

Teacher Interest

 From: Bronwyn Gillies []
Sent: Wednesday, 1 September 2010 2:07 p.m.
To: max madison; Trica Winter
Subject: inequity of standards

Hi, I would like this email to passed onto as many memebers as possible via the VP’s. I have sent it out down here but I am worried that there isn’t enough National concern about the state of the aligned Textiles standards.

Please respond carefully to the Level 2 standards and consider the following.

If you are a textile teacher or would like to support them, feel free to point out the inequity in the skills column between the resistant and textile standards. That is, there is 4 standards for resistant (16 credits) and 2 standards (10 credits) for textiles, we need those extra six credits to help retain students and for those who excel at the practical aspects. I would like a 6 credit applied design standard myself – but that is up to each individual responding. Also textiles don’t have the ITO’s that other area’s have and have lost 33 Unit standards taught under Home and Life Sciences- Textile Technology!!!

I currently offer a variety of standards from both Achievement and Unit Standards that meet the individual needs of students but predict that i will lose a class through these changes. Are other textile teachers feeling the same? Either way we should be given the same opportunities as the resistent materials people!!

Food has also lost out in the technology standards and should respond carefully. There has been a loss of 2 standards in the skills column from L1 in the second matrix.

To access the web site for consultation, please go to the following link:

Standards can be viewed on the survey web site, or on the TKI web site at

 B J Gillies

VP Southern Region NZGTTA
President Otago GTTA
Otago Girls High School

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